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11.6'' Fanless PPC Intel N2930 W812C-2930G2 :: New Products
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11.6'' Fanless PPC Intel N2930 W812C-2930G2

Artikel-Nr. PVD-PPC.W812C
Verkaufseinheit Stück
Zusätzliche Beschreibung
High Resolution LCD Display w/ LED Backlight,
Flat panel with projected capacitive touchscreen,
Front panel compliant with IP65,
Anti-scratch surface: 7H hardness,
Slim and Compact Design,
Mini PCIe expansion slot support,
Fanless cooling system,
Cable-less Design,
Low power consumption,
DC-12V Power Input
  • Focused market: Industrial / Automation
  • Display size: 11.6'' (16:9)
  • CPU performance: ENTRY Atom, BayTrail, ApolloLake
  • Touch (option): projected capazitive (multi-touch)
  • Expansion slots: No
  • IP proof: IP65/66 Front
  • special features: N/A
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