Embedded Box and IPCs


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CPU performance

Expansion slots
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Bezeichnung ArtNr Symbole Preis Lager Aktion
ARES-1231 Emb. Contr. Intel Bay Trail SoC PVD-EPC.ARES1231 Neuheit
ARES-1970-E Fanl. Emb. Contr. 6th Gen. Intel Core PVD-EPC.ARES1970E Neuheit
ARES-1973H - Controller w/ 6th/7th Gen. Intel Core PVD-EPC.ARES1973H Neuheit
ARES-5300 Embedded Controller J1900 PVD-EPC.ARES5300
ARES-530WT Fanl. Emb. Controller Intel E3845/J1900 PVD-EPC.ARES530WT
ARES-5800 Embedded Controller i5-4402E PVD-EPC.ARES-5800
ARES-5803/5830 Embedded Controller i5-4402E PVD-EPC.ARES58035830
ARTS-1450 Fanless Vehicle PC Quad-core E3845 PVD-EPC.ARTS1450
ARTS-2870 Marine PC with Intel Core i5-4402E PVD-EPC.ARTS2870
ARTS-3250 Fanless Train PC, D2550 PVD-EPC.ARTS3250
ARTS-3672W Fanless Train PC Core i7-2610UE PVD-EPC.ARTS3672W
ARTS-4770 Fanless In-Vehicle Surveillance Box PC PVD-EPC.ARTS4770
EAGLE-8701 Machine Controller 4th Gen.Intel i5/i7 PVD-EPC.EAGLE8701 Neuheit
A360SB6-011, Quad-display Box-PC PVD-EPC.A360SB6011
EAC Mini EACFA20 - IoT Gateway, Android-Based PVD-EPC.EACFA20000 Neuheit
EAC Mini EACIL22S - IoT Gateway w/ USB Type-C PVD-EPC.EACIL22S00 Neuheit
EAC Mini EACIL2C - IoT Gateway w/ USB Type-C PVD-EPC.EACIL2C Neuheit
EAC-BY3030 Fanless Embedded Box PC Celeron J1900 PVD-EPC.EACBY3030
Full IP67 IoT Gateway - EAC Mini / EACIL67 PVD-EPC.EACIL67IOT Neuheit
IoT Gateway EAC-Mini Box PC PVD-EPC.EACMINIIOT Neuheit
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