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IPM-16120 IP-based 16-port Power distribution unit

Article no. PVD-ICN.IPM1612000
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Zero U rack-mount size design
IEC outlet models
16 power outlets that support real-time current
image monitoring
3m power cord
Hot-swappable IP-module without power shutdown
LCD panel displays current, max. alarm, device
temperature and network information

Maximum Amps/Inlet: IEC 16A for 1 inlet
Maximum Amps for 16 Outlets: IEC 16A for 16
Full Frequency Range: 50~60Hz

Remote power control via TCP/IP and a built-in
10/100Mbps Ethernet port
Multi browsers support (IE, Google, Firefox,
Safari, Opera, Netscape)

Provides Install Wizard to ease users' setting of
Events notification by sending pop-up message,
trap or e-mail
Supports Management Information Base (MIB) files
for SNMP
24-hour power consumption and device temperature
Sets over-current watchdog for power outlet
  • FR: Type: Power Management over IP
Garantie 12 Monate
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